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Even at a young age I always knew I wanted to help people but I wasn’t sure how to do that… My life’s path was never in a straight line, more like a crooked trail through the woods at night! But, those twists, turns and detours are what has given me tremendous credibility. Understanding the need to “trust the journey” has inspired the initiative and pursuit of my passion to share my gifts with as many people and organizations as possible.

The Method

The Light Bulb Effects Method 8-point Cycle of Progress guides you to the attainment of desired results.

This methodology is always being reviewed and fine-tuned to focus on essential business and leadership tasks. Because every organization is unique this method will create your definitive customized coaching solution that produces results!

The Ingenuity

Light Bulb Effects Coaching produces results!

25 years of Human Resources and Leadership Coaching expertise provides a credible solutions-focused approach that is integrated in the coaching programs.

The legwork has been done saving you time and money!

One-to-One Coaching

Unlock your potential, feel empowered, and gain more confidence moving forward toward new levels of achievement!  Learn to:


  • Manage fears
  • Reduce stress
  • Empower yourself & others
  • Increase confidence
  • Attain goals
  • Secure the life you desire

Corporate Coaching

Have your organization reach optimum performance by engaging in people-focused solutions that will: 

  • Develop energetic & exceptional leadership
  • Inspire a champion work culture
  • Excel recruitment practices
  • Boost employee retention & engagement
  • Intensify job satisfaction
  • Increase productivity
“Tracy has her finger on the pulse of work force dynamics. Her teachings are loaded with useful strategies to promote a healthy and efficient working environment.”
Dr. E. L.

Leadership workshop for Nissan North America INC., Franklin, TN

A “people-focused” approach inspires self-motivation, confident action, and the achievement of desired results.

“The Light Bulb Effects Method offers substantial and sustainable coaching programs that you will connect to.  When you connect to something, you will retain it, and you will apply it.”

Solutions to management challenges, and the tools to creating a high performance organization.

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Great intuition, easy to build a relationship with quickly, amazing listener, and so inspiring.

Tracy truly helped me out of my “funk”. Every day I find more and more happiness and inspiration that I generate from myself. It is such a great feeling and I look forward to the future.

Individual client

personal development coaching

Light Bulb Effects Coaching is a nationally recognized organization, however, its home base is the city of St. Charles, IL where I have created a city-wide campaign of “Collaboration, Support, Exposure and Empowerment” .  The focus is about partnering with local businesses to create awareness, synergy, and offer resources that positively impact individuals lives and businesses livelihoods.