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My Individual Coaching programs empower clients to reach their highest potential by organizing goals and intentions into achievable steps through one-to-one development.

My Corporate Coaching programs help organizations reach optimum performance by creating solutions that motivate people to positive action and results.

“Tracy has her finger on the pulse of work force dynamics. Her teachings are loaded with useful strategies to promote a healthy and efficient working environment.” Dr. Emily L.


Light Bulb Effects uses Energy Leadership Coaching™ (iPEC), the process that develops a personally effective style of leadership that positively influences and changes not only yourself but also those with whom you interact, work with and your organization as a whole.


A highly effective combination of Human Resources and Coaching expertise provides a solutions-focused approach in helping clients intensify their personal & professional development, and organizations achieve their overall performance objectives.

A “people-focused” approach inspires self-motivation, confident action, and the achievement of desired sustainable results.

“I offer substantial and sustainable coaching programs that you will connect to.  I believe that when you connect to something, you will retain it, and you will apply it.”

“Leadership workshop for Nissan North America”

Solutions to management challenges, and the tools to creating a high performance organization.


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The Future Is Now!

The Future Is Now!

I have often wondered how my life might have been different if as a teenager I had a coach, a mentor – someone that saw me the way I had not yet seen myself.  Someone that could empower me and play a pivotal role in my development because of their expertise, education, life experiences, their mental and emotional turmoil and triumphs that developed into those “street smarts” you cannot learn from a book. 

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Great intuition, easy to build a relationship with quickly, amazing listener, and so inspiring.

Tracy truly helped me out of my “funk”. Every day I find more and more happiness and inspiration that I generate from myself. It is such a great feeling and I look forward to the future. Individual client

personal development coaching

Light Bulb Effects home base is the city of St. Charles, IL where I have created a city-wide campaign of “Collaboration, Support, Exposure and Empowerment” .  The focus is about partnering with local businesses to create awareness, synergy, and offer resources that positively impact individuals lives and businesses livelihoods.