The Future Is Now!

I have often wondered how my life might have been different if as a teenager I had a coach, a mentor – someone that saw me the way I had not yet seen myself.  Someone that could empower me and play a pivotal role in my development because of their expertise, education, life experiences, their mental and emotional turmoil and triumphs that developed into those “street smarts” you cannot learn from a book. 

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How Social Media Affects Self-Worth

Before Social Media, our lives for the most part, were our own.  When the school bell rang the “social media” of our day was over – we went home, did our homework, maybe talked to a friend on the telephone, had dinner with our family, watched some T.V. programs, perhaps the news, then went to bed. 

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What Makes an Ideal Leader?

There are some people that are natural born leaders – the ones with great street smarts, magnetic charm, know how to lead, motivate, and get results!  Those are the kinds of skills that do not come from reading books or imitation- it’s natural, honest, and very appealing to most.

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