Hey, how are you doing out there?!
If you are personally feeling drained and restless because all the outer turmoil you are experiencing is now becoming inner turmoil you are not alone.

To all you leaders out there – you beacons of light that people turn to in times of crisis looking for all the answers, how have you been affected?

A great indicator of where you are at mentally, physically and emotionally is by paying attention to your thoughts, and how you are reacting to situations and people (especially stressful ones).

Now is a good time to fuel yourself with whatever nourishes and replenishes you.
Remember to also feed your creativity! Go to places that refresh and recharge you. Talk to people that inspire you, I am sure they would love to connect!

During these times of needed self-replenishment, ask yourself the following:
1. What or who serves as my support (beacon)?
2. Where do I go to recharge?
3. What are three things I value about myself?

Reach out and let me know how you are doing!

Tracy Minnec is a Certified Professional Leadership Coach, HR Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Mentor, and Entrepreneur.