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People-focused Solutions for Executives, Management, & High Performers

Corporate Leadership Training Programs

Increase your organizations bottom line!

Develop exceptional leaders, motivate teams, create & retain high performers, and enhance company culture.

Light Bulb Effects Corporate Coaching programs help organizations achieve optimum performance through  substantial management solutions and tools that create positive sustainable results.

The Corporate Coaching Programs Focus:

  • Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Leadership Development & Succession Planning for Management & High Performers
  • Team workshops – customized for professional & personal development
  • Creating a High-Performance Organization
  • Human Resources – strategies & effectiveness
  • Strategic Planning

During our first consult we will address the most pressing business challenges your organization faces.  

Light Bulb Effects Will Work with You to Develop the Most Effective Solutions in Order to:​

  • Improve company leadership & advancement
  • Increase employee engagement and overall performance
  • Increase company retention
  • Improve operational and growth management
  • Improve company bottom line

Roll Out Options of Agreed Online or In-person Solutions Include:

  • ELI (Energy Leadership Index Assessment) given to key leaders of the organization
  • One-on-one coaching sessions for Executives
  • Leadership Development Coaching for Management and High Performers
  • Team coaching sessions
  • Group workshops
  • Review Human Resources employee strategies

“I know what makes people thrive in organizations and I know what makes them run for the door.  Invest in your people and they will invest in you.”