About Light Bulb Effects Coaching

Tracy Minnec
Light Bulb Effects Coaching, LLC

    • Certified Professional Leadership Coach
    • Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner
    • Speaker & Mentor
    • Human Resources Consultant
    • Founder of Light Bulb Effects Coaching, LLC


“Great presentation, Tracy! You are so relevant, and your information is easy to relate to!!!” Laurie M., workshop attendee

“Well done Tracy!  As always, you did a beautiful job. Great presentation and wonderful group today.” Cathy S., workshop attendee



To positively impact & influence as many people and organizations as possible through a highly effective, solutions-focused, substantial & sustainable coaching experience.

Why Light Bulb Effects?

Tracy Minnec spent over 20 years in corporate human resources management & coaching, giving her invaluable professional insight into what truly makes people & organizations thrive.

Business Solutions

Light Bulb Effects Coaching will give you the solutions to management challenges, and the tools to creating a high performance organization.

Your Coaching Partner

Whether Light Bulb Effects conducts your workshops, group coaching programs or one-to-one sessions, there will always be a solid partnership with a clear vision.

The Vision

A highly effective combination of Human Resources and Coaching expertise provides a solutions-focused approach in helping clients intensify their personal & professional development, and organizations achieve their overall performance objectives.