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“Had a BLAST at your event! You are a great presenter, the information was laid out well, and you bring tons of insight into the conversation of “speaking your truth”. Thank you for doing what you do. I can tell you’re passionate about it and are very knowledgeable.” Matt W., workshop attendee

Women’s Empowerment & Leadership Series

If you believe that women that lead must empower themselves and others, then the Light Bulb Effects “Women’s Empowerment & Leadership Series” is for you.

Be a part of an amazing network of women that represent a variety of backgrounds and organizations and engage in programs that will further your personal & professional development.

This series was created in order to bring together a mix of successful women who, through meaningful in-depth discussion of relevant topics, set and reach their goals, find inspiration in themselves and others, learn from other leaders, and have fun during these substantial and sustainable leadership sessions.

Session 1: “Become Your Ideal Leader”, we will talk about the “masks” we may wear, our self-worth and self-doubt – all which create barriers to becoming ideal and authentic leaders.

We will discuss real-life experiences in order to help you get out of your comfort zone or “safe place” and explore tools and techniques to remove the fear-based blocks that prevent you from achieving authenticity and ideal leadership.

Learn how to overcome your fears and self-doubt, build trust and credibility, find your authentic voice and use it in the most genuine way.

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