a small boat in a body of water

Do you ever get so overwhelmed that you just freeze?
Ever feel like you are in a rowboat pulling your oars to a specific shore but are not getting there? Maybe you’re not moving because you do not know which direction to go? Perhaps you are presently moored on the beach.

When was the last time you stopped and asked yourself “what am I seeking and why?”

Now is the time to be curious, question things and reexamine your truth because If changes need to be made then this is your opportunity to do so.
Keep in mind, however, this can also be an incredibly challenging time – particularly if things feel like they are spiraling out of control. (The world is constantly changing, and you must decide if you will change with it.)

Stop, take a breath, and ask yourself the following:
1. What am I searching for?
2. What are my future goals and why are they important?
3. How has my journey been a spiral?
This will help that up and down spiral become a circle that flows and leads you back to your own beginning, helping you find your way.

As always, let me know how you’re doing!

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Tracy Minnec is a Certified Professional Leadership Coach, HR Consultant, Speaker, Mentor, and Founder.