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Our comprehensive Leadership Coaching programs offer leadership training that feedback from participants show that because they enjoy the style of the programs, they retain and apply what they learn.

It’s important for companies to offer Leadership Coaching programs for their employees as as part of an overall employee training and development curriculm. Not only do companies who invest in their employees rank higher in employee satisfaction, they also have higher retaintion rates. 

Leadership Coaching provides leadership, communication and management tools to employees who are ready for the next level in their career. By helping employees develop, companies are able to more readily prote from within saving thousands of dollars on recruitment and hiring costs. 

With Light Bulb Effects Leadership Coaching in Geneva, IL,  you will havev a “people-focused” approach which inspires self-motivation, confident action, and sustainable results in the individual as well as in their teams – which, in turn, leads to your organization’s success.

With full iPEC Leadership Assessments and one-on-one debriefs, your employees will receive high-quality  trainging and coaching and a personalized assessment. 

Leadership Coaching participants find these leadership assessments to be fun and very worthwhile as they can see where they are and what they need to do to improve in different areas of leadership. 

We have several Leadership Coaching programs available and we can also customize to meet your specific needs. Call today 630.400.3685

Individual Leadership Coaching programs will empower you to reach your highest potential by organizing goals and intentions into achievable steps through one-to-one development.

Corporate Leadership Coaching programs will help your organization reach optimum performance by creating solutions that motivate people to positive action and results.


Light Bulb Effects Leadership Coaching uses Energy Leadership Coaching™ (iPEC), the process that develops a personally effective style of leadership that positively influences you, those around you, and your organization as a whole.


A highly effective combination of Human Resources and Leadership Coaching expertise provides a solutions-focused approach in helping you intensify your organization’s personal & professional development, and achieve your performance objectives.


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Great intuition, easy to build a relationship with quickly, amazing listener, and so inspiring.

Tracy truly helped me out of my “funk”. Every day I find more and more happiness and inspiration that I generate from myself. It is such a great feeling and I look forward to the future.

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personal development coaching

Light Bulb Effects home base is the city of St. Charles, IL where I have created a city-wide campaign of “Collaboration, Support, Exposure and Empowerment” .  The focus is about partnering with local businesses to create awareness, synergy, and offer resources that positively impact individuals lives and businesses livelihoods.