We all at some point in our lives have experienced some type of transition – career or personal.

As someone who has experienced quite a lot of transition throughout my career, involving start-ups, reductions in force, four company closures and employment search during two recessions, I have learned many substantial elements during the process.  One element in particular is that there are no mistakes.  Stay with me here…

My coaching philosophy of “Instead of focusing on the path you think you are supposed to be on, allow yourself to see the path you are meant to be on” comes from those transitional experiences.  When you find yourself in transition, you tend to ask yourself, the universe, frankly anyone you come across “Why?  Why is this happening to me?  I don’t deserve this!”  Your emotions can fluctuate throughout the day ranging from shock, frustration and anger, to fear, depression, and hopelessness. Sometimes it is only in reflection when you realize why things happened and turned out as they did.

So, it is time to Stop, Breathe and Reframe!  Instead of the doom and gloom that can accompany transition, search for the opportunities.

First of all, do not cut yourself off from the living.  It may seem appealing to hide under the covers until it’s all over and not face the sea of “non-transition” folks who you believe look on you with judgement or pity. Reach out! Connect to those who support and inspire you and network with those that can help you.  I have met some of the most tremendous people in my life during my transitions, whom I may not have met otherwise.

Second, reassess yourself and values.  Don’t rush to put yourself in the exact same circumstances you were in before – personal or career.  When things don’t work out how you had planned, maybe this is the universe telling you to look elsewhere and search for opportunities.  Take off the blinders and revisit what has worked, what hasn’t, what has brought you joy and what fuels your passion.  When you break the old patterns and routines you will be amazed at what starts to manifest!  Go with that flow – you may find yourself on a different path and you will thank yourself for it.  Life fulfillment is there if you only let it in!

Third, every experience, person and event in your life has had meaning.  Do not think of anything or any time as “wasted”.  They all provide value, experience, knowledge, and insight into who you are and who you are yet to be.

Transition is opportunity!

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