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When you complete this Free Leadership Tool, you’ll become more self-aware of the type of leader you are right now and identify which areas you need to improve to become a more effective leader.

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Working with Tracy has been such an eye-opening experience.  Her style of first helping you determine the type of leader you are, and then guiding you to the leader you want to become.  The in-depth conversations are met with thought-provoking questions that help lead you on a focused path.  Couple all of that with her massive HR experience and one can only expect an amazing future both as a professional leader and a happier, more well-rounded person”

Kim L.

Executive Director, Non-profit organization

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“Tracy has a way of asking the perfect questions to help you identify what it is holding you back from your true potential or helping you identify where your roadblocks may be.”

Laura P.

“Tracy has helped me tremendously with growing my business . . . Not only was her knowledge of HR invaluable (she’s like a corporate encyclopedia), but my one to one leadership coaching has helped me become the leader I had envisioned myself becoming.”

Dan S.

“Tracy has her finger on the pulse of work force dynamics. Her teachings are loaded with useful strategies to promote a healthy and efficient working environment.

Dr. Emily L.

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